home kit euro 102


Product details :
4V 8000mAh maintenance-free lead-acid battery, total output 4V 2000mAh.
USB socket: 5V/ 800ma
Loudspeaker power: 3W
Recharge voltage and time: 8hours by our 5V 700ma matching recharger, or 12h by our solar panel 6V 500ma under strong sunshine.
Bulbs in full set: 4V, 500ma.
Side lamps: 28pcs 5730SMD, can last 60 hours.
Body material: new ABS plastic.
Power bank mobile, pad, camera, etc.
Radio: can receive FM radio programs.
Bluetooth stereo: can be a loudspeaker while being connected to the mobile, pad, and other blue tooth devices.
USB/TF card decoding: can automatically interpret and play the media documents stored in a memory stick, TF cards, etc.
Solar rechargeable: can be charged by external high-power solar panels.
Equipped with 3W LED bulbs.
With power indicator(25%, 50%, 75%, 100%), and protection against overcharge, over discharge, output over-current.
Also with low power warning: the indicator light will flash when power is too low.

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